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Archive for February, 2008

Debby’s Sticky Caramel

Posted by Emma on February 29th, 2008

You may not know how much Debby loves England. Well, if not, then this new photo set from Messy Chixxx will help you figure it out. Wearing her favorite union jack outfit, Debby slowly pours loads of sticky caramel all over her body and into her clothing. You’ll enjoy watching as the caramel covers her bare skin and oozes out of her bottoms as it runs down her legs. Debby has the sexiest ass, and watching caramel cover it (as well as the rest of her) is just far too much fun! After seeing this photo set, all we can say is God Save the Queen!

Wet Red Evening Gown

Posted by Emma on February 28th, 2008

Lydiah is ready for a night on the town. In this latest clip fromWet Chixxx Lydiah, wearing a beautiful ankle-length, spaghetti strapped evening gown decides to see how it would feel soaking wet and clinging to her body. Of course, she also makes sure to soak her jet black hair which just makes her look that much sexier. As she slowly rolls around, soaking the entire dress as it clings to her, and gets wetter, you’ll be completely hypnotized by that smirk on her face as well as the drops of water that slowly fall off her bare skin.
Here’s a free teaser clip

Ruby’s Messy Buttery Feet

Posted by Emma on February 26th, 2008

In our latest Messy Chixxx, effort, Ruby takes a bowl full of butter and thrusts her feet right into it. She then talks to you as she rubs butter all over her feet (using only her feet) and taunts you for not being able to use “your butter”. You watch as the messy butter squishes between her toes and gets all over her bare feet, making an even bigger mess as she moans in obvious enjoyment. You can hear the squishiness of the butter as it coats her entire feet and toes. By the end of the clip her feet are a mess and she’s hoping you are too!

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Introducing Pixie!

Posted by Emma on February 25th, 2008

Please welcome Pixie… our newest addition to Wet Chixxx. This sexy little brunette will capture your attention from the first picture, with a gleam in her gorgeous eyes, in this incredible photo set. Wearing black and pink lingerie, she steps into the shower and starts soaking herself right down to her stocking covered toes. She eventually adds soap which just helps to show off her amazing ass. By the time the photo set is done, you’ll realize two things. First, it’s probably not the first time Pixie’s used a shower head to have “fun”. Second, you have an ongoing Pixie craving, and can’t wait for your next fix!

Malacia’s Messy Pantyhose

Posted by Emma on February 21st, 2008

Our favorite dirty girl, Malacia returns to Messy Chixxx. This time, she’s dressed in nude pantyhose and has a bowl full of blue slime in front of her. It doesn’t take long before she starts dipping into that bowl and rubbing the goo over her bare breasts. Then she decides to pour it into her pantyhose. She completely fills her pantyhose, back and front with the blue slime, right down to her toes. As she smiles broadly she then decides to tear off her pantyhose showing how it is fully soaked into her bare skin. You’ll enjoy watching as Malacia finishes ripping apart her hose and continues to play with the blue mess.

Steamy Shower Sex

Posted by Emma on February 21st, 2008

Kelly hops into a nice warm shower, sliding her hands over her curvy body in this week’s video clip update at Wet Chixxx. This babe gropes at her tits and rubs her smoothly-shaved pussy, getting hornier by the second. Fortunately, her man is more than willing to satisfy her cravings, joining her in the shower and soaping up her body. Kelly sinks to her knees and gives him a nice blowjob, looking up at him while sliding her tongue over his hard cock. She then bends over and gets fucked doggystyle, moaning in pleasure as she takes every inch deep inside her sexy body. She then goes back to her knees to bring him to orgasm with her mouth!

Ruby the Wet Secretary

Posted by Emma on February 19th, 2008

Fan fav Ruby returns to Wet Chixxx this week. Ever just have one of those days? After a long day at the office, Ruby comes home and simply cannot wait to get into the tub. She’s so eager, that she doesn’t even remove her clothing. As she completely immerses herself into the tub, wearing her dark gray business suit, with a white shirt, black bra, and nude pantyhose, the joy on her face is apparent. Her sexy “secretary” glasses also take a soaking as she goes completely under the soapy water.  When Ruby resurfaces, her thick long hair is full of the sudsy water. By the end of this incredible set, you’ll love how her clothing is clinging to her soaking body!

Caramel Covered Boobies

Posted by Emma on February 19th, 2008

Hungry? How about a caramel-covered Lydiah? This week on Messy Chixxx,  Lydiah decides she wants to see how her body might feel completely covered in sticky, gooey caramel. At first she seems a bit hesitant, but Lydiah is a rocker chick at heart and throws herself into the situation. She slowly and seductively pours the caramel out of the containers and over her beautiful body. Soon, she’s completely covered in caramel, from her hair to her tasty toes. As she gets stickier and sticker, her smile gets wider and wider. Lydiah initially says the feeling is “interesting.” Who are we to disagree?

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Nude Cake Sitting

Posted by Emma on February 14th, 2008

For our members who loved the photo set we did a while back at Messy Chixxx,  with Alexxia doing a nude cake sitting, we decided to have a return engagement. Yes, Alexxia is back, nude and enjoying the feel of a cold, creamy cake all over her beautiful ass. It doesn’t just stay there, however, as she really gets into it. By the end of the set, her entire bottom is covered with the sticky, creamy mess and she has a smile a mile wide. She even gets the urge to take a taste of what’s left over. But, please, pay special attention to what she does with the cherry, on top.

Alice’s Wet Pink Skirt

Posted by Emma on February 14th, 2008

Alice climbs into the kiddie pool wearing a frothy pink princess skirt and see through blouse, with clearly nothing underneath in this week’s video clip update at Wet Chixxx.  She plays with the shower attachment, soaking her outfit thoroughly, before peeling out of it, and revealing that hot body of hers!

Here’s a free teaser clip