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Archive for March, 2008

Ruby’s Shower Fun

Posted by Emma on March 31st, 2008

wet office wear
This week at Wet Chixxx, Ruby comes home from work, and heads straight for the shower. Our little minx carefully and deliberately soaks her shoes and stockings before drenching her pinstriped dress and her long hair. Once everything is good and wet, Ruby lifts her dress, sprays her pretty lingerie, before getting frisky with the handheld shower head ;-)

Cassie in Chocolate Syrup

Posted by Emma on March 28th, 2008

messy in chocolate syrup
If you have a sweet tooth, and enjoy watching hot naked women get messy, this latest clip from MessyChixxx is for you! Cassie is back and has a bottle of chocolate quik with her. She slowly pours the full bottle over her, staring with her head and letting the streams of chocolate run over her completely naked body, making a nice pattern over her skin. Once the bottle is empty, Cassie runs a single finger over her body, paying special attention to her inner thighs and long legs. Over her breasts, down her legs, into the crack her terrific ass, the chocolate goes everywhere you’d want to go, and by the end, our chocolate covered Cassie seals this clip with a kiss.

Here’s a free teaser clip

Debby’s Milk Bath- The Video Clip

Posted by Emma on March 28th, 2008

milk bath
To compliment our recent photo update at Wet Chixxx, here is the matching video clip of Debby’s milk bath. Our favourite rocker chick plays sexy secretary as she hops into her bathtub. Wearing a short black skirt, animal print blouse with black fishnets and heels, Debby writhes around in the milk, loving what it does for her skin and hair.
Here’s a free teaser clip

Scarlette’s Pie Sitting

Posted by Emma on March 25th, 2008

messy feet
Please welcome Scarlette back to Messy Chixxx where this hot blonde came equipped with tight blue jeans and a pie. She doesn’t need anything more as she gets on her knees, with her terrific ass facing the camera and slowly begins to hover over the pie. She looks back at you as her ass gets closer until she’s sitting right in the middle of the pie. Not satisfied until she really makes a huge mess, Scarlette grabs the pie and rubs it hard, into her ass, making sure the white cream is completely covering her jeans-covered ass. Then, once she’s done making a mess, she can’t control herself and needs to take a taste.

Kitty’s Wet Blue Jeans

Posted by Emma on March 25th, 2008

This week at Wet Chixxx we give you a gift in the form of our newest girl – Kitty! This stunning Asian girl steps right into the shower in tight blue jeans and a sheer white blouse and starts to completely soak herself. This is a great photo set where you’ll be able to see everything from the jeans clinging to Kitty’s awesome curves to her dark brown nipples showing through her dripping wet blouse. The look on Kitty’s face as she gets wetter, particularly when she’s soaking her long black hair, is something to be seen. We were also excited to see that she was wearing a white thong. ;)

Melted Ice Cream Gunge

Posted by Emma on March 22nd, 2008

gunged with melted icecream
You guys loved the photoset so much, we rushed out the matching clip for you! It’s Pixie’s first MessyChixxx, session and we’ve enlisted Alice to help break in the “rookie”. We’ve bound Pixie’s hands and blindfolded her so she isn’t exactly sure what’s coming. Then Alice slowly dumps two gallons of melted ice cream (pink and blue) over a seated Pixie. As the nearly frozen liquid starts pouring down over Pixie’s head and body she begins to shake from the chill. Her entire face is quickly covered in the colors and her body becomes a mess of pink and blue goo. Alice makes sure to pour the mixture between Pixie’s breasts and down her spine. By the end, both girls have huge smiles and Pixie exclaims “that was fun!”

Here’s a free teaser clip

Debby’s Milk Bath

Posted by Emma on March 20th, 2008

At Wet Chixxx. we believe in a healthy body! You might not find a better body than the red hot Debby. Dressed in a leopard print top, black shirt, black shoes and fishnet stockings, the rocker babe slides into a tub filled with milk! As she slowly sinks further and further into the milk bath, her clothing gets completely saturated with milk. Then she dunks her long black hair into the liquid and it becomes slicked back, wet with milk. By the end of the photo set, Debby’s skirt is pulled up and her top is pulled open as she lays in the milk filled tub. Milk… it most certainly does the body good!

Melted Ice Cream and Messy Feet

Posted by Emma on March 18th, 2008

messy feet
This week atMessy Chixxx we give you a photo set with the very sexy Pixie all dressed up in two gallons of ice cream! As the pink and blue melted ice cream completely covers her body she licks it from her lips and slides her hands over her legs. Once the ice cream makes it to her sexy feet, Pixie uses her talented toes to spread the ice cream around and completely covers her feet with the colorful mixture. By the end of the set, her beautiful feet are completely covered in pink and blue melted ice cream. Care to help her clean up?

Alice’s Wet Dress

Posted by Emma on March 17th, 2008

Alice returns to Wet Chixxx, this week in a great clip featuring the slender beauty in a thin yellow dress. As she sits in a small pool she takes a sponge and pulls it high over her head and squeezes the water out, letting it run over her. As she begins to get completely soaked from her hair down, she then picks up a pitcher and pours loads of water over her body, leaving the chemise as nothing more than a thin covering for her hardening nipples and squirming hips. She continues to squirm around, getting so close to the camera, you feel like you’re almost there. Careful not to get wet!
Here’s a free teaser clip

Lydiah’s Swimsuit Filling

Posted by Emma on March 14th, 2008

Goth hottie Lydiah returns to Messy Chixxx, this week in an awesome clip! Wearing only a silver one piece swimsuit, she stares down a bowl of purple slime. Quickly she thrusts her hands into it and begins taking handfuls of the goo and pouring it down her swimsuit, between her large breasts. She gets impatient and finally just dumps the entire bowl down her swimsuit and then rubs down her body as the goo squirts out of the bottom of her suit. Soon after, Lydiah is covered from head to toe (including her jet black hair) in the purple slime. The best part? She’s giggling with joy the whole way through!

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