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Marmalade in Hose

Posted by Emma on April 29th, 2008

Ruby fills her hose with marmelade!
At Messy Chixxx there’s nothing better than sexy women who like to really get messy and enjoy themselves doing it. Ruby is one of those women and she decides to have some fun with marmalade in this week’s photo set. Wearing only sheer pantyhose, Ruby takes a bowl full of 6 jars of orange, sticky substance and slowly pours it in. After she does this, she pushes the marmalade down her hose with her strong hands caressing her legs, creating thick bulges in unlikely places. By the end of the photo set, Ruby is covered in the yummy orange stickiness, right down to her toes, and has a big smile on her face to show for it!

Debby’s Wet Spandex Pants

Posted by Emma on April 28th, 2008

pink spandex pants get wet

Everyone’s favorite rocker chick, Debby, returns to WetChixxx this week. In this photo set that features her in neon pink spandex pants and a matching fishnet top, we watch Debby get into a bathtub filled nearly full with water. Debby slowly soaks her skin tight spandex, loving how they change colour as they get wet. She dunks her head back to soak her long black hair, letting her hard nipples poke through the fishnet and gets soaked from head to toe. Plenty of shots of Debby’s terrific wet spandex covered ass high in the air, just above the water as it laps against her body and her head dipping back as her hair fans out out in the water beneath her.

Cassie Is A Messy Nurse

Posted by Emma on April 27th, 2008

messy nurse
In this great clip from MessyChixxx, Cassie poses as a naughty nurse and then turns into a messy nurse. Using a plastic pitcher filled with orange goo, she slowly turns her light brown hair orange and her white nurse’s outfit soon follows. After slowly pouring the goo over her head so that it saturates her hair and falls over her face and white outfit, Cassie decides she wants to get more personal with the orange “stuff”. She unbuttons her outfit and pours the substance into her pantyhose and then lets them snap back against her beautiful body, letting the orange goodness soak into her skin. By the end of the clip, Cassie is nearly naked and completely orange.

Here’s a free teaser clip

Wet, See Thru Lingerie

Posted by Emma on April 26th, 2008

soaking wet lingerie
You’ve already seen the pictures of Scarlette showering in her yellow two-piece Wet Chixxx, and  now we present the sexy clip. It doesn’t take much water to allow her dark, pierced nipples to be visible through the sheer, soaking material. Then after soaking herself completely, she gets out the shampoo to lather up her soaking shoulder-length hair. Scarlette is a nympho and can’t resist rubbing the soapy water all over her body, pressing the wet material against her sexiest parts as the shower continues to send streams of soapy water racing down her beautiful body

Here’s a free teaser clip

Kitty in Green Slime!

Posted by Emma on April 23rd, 2008

green slime gunge!
This week at Messy Chixxx we have a special photo set featuring Kitty! She grabs a bowl of green slime and slowly pours it over her head. The thick green goo oozes down, coating her long hair, face, white tshirt and tight jeans. Our smiling Kitty is feeling naughty, as she enjoys the sensations of the slime on her skin, so raises the t-shirt to feel it against her bare breasts, then “smacks? her ass, leaving a big green hand print. Finally she uses her beautiful feet  to play with some of the green slime, loving how it feels oozing between her sexy toes!

Introducing Sandrine!

Posted by Emma on April 22nd, 2008

wet gown

Please help us at WetChixxx introduce our latest model to wetlook. Sandrine is a tall, willowy brunette who exudes a certain je ne sais quoi. Ok, ok,  she’s oozing with sex appeal ;) Wearing a long shimmery pink evening gown, and pink opaque hose, Sandrine steps into the shower and turns it on… both the shower, and her overt sensuality. From her thick soapy hair, to the tight wet gown that clings to her curves just right, we think you’re gonna love what you see!

Pie Fight!

Posted by Emma on April 19th, 2008

messy feet
This week at MessyChixxx we bring you the matching 11 minute video clip of our recent pie fight scene! Alice engages Pixie in a war using 30 McCain frozen cream pies. This pair has a blast pieing each other repeatedly, coating each other’s clothes, face and hair with coconut, chocolate and lemon cream pies! 

Here’s a free teaser clip

Debby’s Wet T Shirt

Posted by Emma on April 18th, 2008

soaking wet t-shirt
Debby is back this week at Wet Chixxx! Wearing only a long, ultrathin, white tshirt, Debby shows off her assets in the shower. Whether it be her high ass, hard-as-rock nipples, or long locks, we think Debby simply looks great when she’s soaking wet!
Here’s a free teaser clip

Ruby’s Pea Soup

Posted by Emma on April 17th, 2008

pea soup gunge!
Here in Montreal, pea soup is a very popular and tasty dish, which Ruby from Messy Chixxx can attest to.  Wearing a pinstriped dress, sexy striped thigh highs and proper office footware, Ruby coats herself in 2 cans of the thick, lumpy mess. When smushing it all through her long hair, and coating her outfit isn’t entertaining enough, our sexy brunette fills those leather shoes with as much as she can, then forces her feet into them. The pea soup just oozes everywhere, enveloping Ruby’s feet in the warm goodness.

Wet Tank Top

Posted by Emma on April 14th, 2008

wet clothes

Join us in welcoming Krystal to Wet Chixxx! Wearing a black tank top and panties, this photo set shows Krystal in the shower getting wet, soapy and letting her hands roam over her incredible body. Posing in different angles, you can see Krystal has a spectacular body, including beautifully strong legs and a great ass! All of these attributes look much better when wet and soapy. After lathering up, she brings out the hand held shower and rinses off. During the entire photo set she has a huge smile as you are able to see the camera capture the water slowly running down this hottie’s body after it soaks the minimal clothing she has on.