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Kitty in Cream

Posted by Maya on July 26th, 2008

kitty likes cream
Ok, so we weren’t very nice to Kitty this week at MessyChixxx. We told her that she would be self gunging in thick whipping cream, but neglected to tell her that it was straight out of our way-too-cold refridgerator. Kitty is a good sport, and had a feeling of how sexy cream would be against her skin, so she played along. At first she hesitated, anticipating the cold, but nothing could prepare her for the icy cold cream that poured over her head. You’re gonna love her genuine surprise! To make it up to Kitty, the cream warmed up against her hot skin, and made for a super sexy video clip. 

 Here’s a free teaser clip

Kitty’s Wet Jeans

Posted by Maya on July 25th, 2008

wet jeans in the shower
Kitty takes a long sexy shower this week at Wet Chixxx. Wearing a tight pair of Parasuco blue jeans and a sheer white blouse, Kitty gets soaked from head to toe. Her jeans cling to her taut body, while her top becomes even more revealing as it gets wet. Kitty’s long black hair glistens in the water, completing the perfect picture!

Here’s a free teaser clip

More Coloured Marshmallows

Posted by Maya on July 19th, 2008

colored marshmallws get very sticky
You guys have been clamouring for more coloured marshmallows at MessyChixxx and we’re happy to oblige! Boy, these things sure are sticky, as Atish finds out. She plays with the goo, slapping it against her panties, boobies and hair, then pulling it like taffy in long strings. The more it cools, the more sticky these melted marshmallows become!

Here’s a free teaser clip

Messy Feet- Adele’s Cake Stomping

Posted by Maya on July 11th, 2008

stomping a cake with bare feet
Adele returns to MessyChixxx this week, all in a tizzy. She’s fed up with her 3-minutes older twin sister, and plans to get back at her by destroying her birthday cake! Alice is absolutely delighted as she furiously stomps the cake till the crumbs melt into a thick paste, all over her pretty feet. **sigh**…. sisters…
Here’s a free teaser clip

Alice The Wet Nerd

Posted by Maya on July 11th, 2008

black keds and argyle tights get wet in the bath
Alice gets a little silly this week at Wet Chixxx. She climbs into a bathtub of pretty pink water, while wearing really nerdy clothes. First to get wet are her black keds, before she drenches her entire self, arglyle tights included. Plenty of head dunking, and her sweater vest soaks up tons of water. Silly Alice!

Here’s a free teaser clip

Sexy, Sticky Syrup

Posted by Maya on July 5th, 2008

sticky caramel all over Alexxia's naked body
This week at MessyChixxx Alice gets sexy and sticky by pouring a king sized bottle of pancake syrup over her lingerie. Her bustier glistens under the mess, while her sheer panties simply get naughty

Here’s a free teaser clip

Ruby’s Clinging Wet Jeans

Posted by Maya on July 3rd, 2008

ruby's wet jeans clinging in the bath
Ruby returns to Wet Chixxx wearing nothing but tight jeans. In this clip she start off standing on the edge of a bathtub teasing you, letting you know she’s about to get into the tub. She does, but not before teasing you, slowly dipping her lower body into the soapy water getting her legs, then her ass wet. Finally she decides to go all in and gets completely soaked as her jeans grow even tighter around her amazing curves. This is not to mention how the soapy water glistens on her bare skin and the tips of her soaking wet hair drip down over her shoulders.

Here’s a free teaser clip