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Pie Wedgies

Posted by Emma on March 13th, 2007

This video feature lots of pies to 5 beautiful and willing new faces — but also lots of pie-wedgies! They loved slamming pies into each others’ faces, butts, and all other body parts — and sliding around on the linoleum while wrestling, slapping, and sliding all over each other. This video features the beautiful, all-natural Celeste, brunette Alicia, Callie, a sassy curly-haired red-head, Taylor a beautiful, buxom, long haired blonde body builder and finally Tori, who is a slinky, petite sandy-blonde. The scene progresses from a series of face hits, to a series of wedgies and butt hits, to a mad free-for-all where anything goes!
More info and bigger pic here

keywords: multi-girl, pies, nude, dressed, suits

Full Clothing WAM

Posted by Emma on March 5th, 2007

Description: Hot and horny Japanese babes getting down and dirty with their clothes on. More info and bigger pic here

Well that was the official description, but after a more thorough inspection of the boxcover, this video looks a little more interesting. There seems to be a couple of traditional self-gunging scenes, a wedding gown and white heels end up in the river, and another self gunging by a Japanese schoolgirl. What’s not to love about Japanese schoolgirls?

Messy Nude Model 3

Posted by Emma on March 3rd, 2007

Katya plays in a mud puddle outside. She covers herself in mud and washes it off several times. She gets very aroused and takes off her bikini so she is totally nude. You get a close view of her nipples and pussy while she is masturbating and smearing mud all over herself.
More info and bigger pic here

The Best of Wet and Messy

Posted by Emma on March 1st, 2007

This is the absolute best of wet, and messy (According to this video’s producers)
More info and bigger pic here

Editor’s note:  Ok, I’m sure the boxcover says more, but our Japanese is a little rusty. Judging  by the jacket, it would seem that those crazy Japanese have put together a wild collection of some really extreme wam scenes.  Probably not for the faint of heart.


Deep Lather

Posted by Emma on March 1st, 2007

Watch these two beautiful girls work themselves into a real lather. Corinna, dressed in a black mini-skirt and lacy see-through blouse, is smoking a cigarette. Denise decides to “punish” her by ripping off her blouse and spraying her with a full can of shaving cream! Denise then sprays more shaving cream on Corinna’s head, face and long hair. And now it’s Denise’s turn to get naked. She rips off her satin blouse and short, paisley, cotton skirt. It doesn’t take Corinna long to cover her completely with the white creamy stuff. Soon the entire room is filled with shaving cream as the girls writhe all over the floor in their passion.

More info and bigger pic here

Fetish Dream Girls

Posted by Emma on March 1st, 2007

Sexy girls in lots of rubber, performing various kinky scenes: A living banquet turns into a messy chocolate syrup orgy, two rubber girls get close in a pool of slime, another one is transformed into a rubber mummy More info and bigger pic here


Simply Clay

Posted by Emma on February 26th, 2007

The long-awaited Desert Quicksand! Tiffany gets stuck and nearly pushes Shaun under. Daizy comes to their aid and then Shaun and Tiffany strip to g-strings. Harley decides to coat herself in a smooth gray clay. She wears a white party dress, hose, garter belt, bra, and panty; and black heels. After coating the dress, she tears it off. Chase wears black latex above-the-elbow gloves, and black platform heels into an inflatable lounge filled with a dark brown clay. Next, Daizy comes home to find her bed still covered in the gray clay mess that Harley left behind. Pretty soon she’s enjoying the sensuous feeling and letting clay plop on her head and long blonde hair. The final scene is DD short-blonde haired Frenchie in all leather.

More info and bigger pic here

editor’s note:  I wanna know how she gets the clay out of her bedding!

keywords: clay outdoor, nude, lesbian,  formal, lingerie, gloves, leather

Clean Girls, Dirty Girls

Posted by Emma on February 24th, 2007

Big-boobed feature dancer Syn DeVil plays around with innocent(?) amateur Kat Yazeen. They start off with some poolside play, then they paint each other, then they play in the mud, and finally end up hosing each other off, all fully nude! You get to see a wide variety of wet and messy play in this video!
 More info and bigger pic here

editor’s note: That muddy scene looks like it will be a good one- somebody let us know!